Spiritual Pet Protection Collar Tag Amulet Charm

Being a source of unconditional love themselves, our furry companions deserve all of our love, care, and protection. By using this little amulet, you can give them maximum  support, ensuring that nothing but harmony, joy, and peace enters their energy field.

This beautiful amulet will protect your beloved furry friends from various negative  energies, psychic attacks and dark thought forms. It protects and helps in the treatment of various diseases and much more.

Please note ,if your beloved pet does not wear a collar, you can hang this amulet  next to or on his bed.
This small amulet weighting just 2 oz, has precious stones inside, imprinted with unconditional Divine love and protection. This beautiful amulet protects your loved furry friends from various negative energies, psychic attacks, dark thought forms. It protects and assists in healing various ailments and so much more. 

$ 49.99