The Process of Creation of Natalya Ankh's Metaphysical Discs

The process of creation of my Metaphysical Discs usually begins with a change in vibration all around me. I feel a presence, and I know that it is time to pay careful attention.

Sometimes I see them clearly standing before me in all their might and glory. They come to me from all over the universe, from distant planets and galaxies, from different realms and dimensions. They are - the Ascended Masters, the Spirit Guides, the Archangels, Devas, Celestial Beings, Andromedans, Pleiadiance, Arcturians, Centurians, Sirians, Gods and Goddesses, the list goes on and on. They travel through time and space, they alter my state of reality, and put me into a trance state, all to make sure that lightworkers have the tools necessary to assist them on their journeys here on earth.  

Sometimes instead of seeing them directly and communicating with them freely I am simply given a design for a new tool. This information flows through my third eye and pineal which become extremely active. Information that I must write down immediately as not to forget all the intricate details of the tool in question. And so, I grab a pen or pencil and draw on whatever surface is available at the moment, it can be anything, a piece of paper, a napkin, sometimes my hand. Once this information is written down the energy swirls around me and I am brought back into my normal state of being.

At other times which is one of my most favorite ones, I feel a pull to go into my “creation lab” as I like to call it, which is a room in my home where I sit at the table with curtains drawn, in near darkness with only a soft light coming from a salt lamp on the table. These are the times that I love the most because I know that instead of them traveling to see me, I will be traveling to see them and literally bring the tool back with me into this reality. Here is where I feel that my higher self takes over and I begin to make a draft of a tool right there and then in a trance like state. I am not always conscious of what my hands are doing. It feels as if a mighty love force takes over and I am simply a vessel through which the creator…creates. Once done, I come to my normal conscious state only to see a beautiful tool before me that I have no idea of how it came to be. The task then becomes to work in reverse and figure out how it was made.

These are the three main ways of how each prototype, or the original tool that will then give birth to the rest, is born. In each case my job is to remember the design, remember which crystals must be used, remember what this tool will be used for and how to use it. In each instance, I ask a lot of questions, and am always reminded that I already know the answers, I know because I have worked in this field of creation for eons in various dimensions, various lifetimes, various worlds, various forms.

Once I have the design down, the number of crystals and gemstones that must be on each of the discs, the colorsand shapes of the glass, the process of creating each individual tool begins.

In my “creation lab” I have an array of items to assist me, different sized quartz crystal glass, glass that is round, square, in a shape of a triangle or a heart, big or small, various crystals and gemstones, various paints and flakes of genuine gold, copper, silver.

I begin by choosing the right type of quartz glass for each tool.

The glass needs to be perfect, because it will act as a prism, which will not only direct light energy through itself, but also act as a “memory chip” to carry encoded information from whichever deity that I will be working with to create each specific tool.

The next step is to immerse these quartz glass pieces into a “Purification & Infusion Vessel”

The next step is to immerse these quartz glass pieces into a “Purification & Infusion Vessel” bath as I like to call it. This Purification & Infusion Vessel consists of crystals that are needed to purify each batch. These are clusters of Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Shungite among many others. Depending on what “job” each tool is to carry out, the ingredients in the “Purification & Infusion Vessel” will change.

Filtered or spring water is used for these baths and sometimes I add flower essences to the mix to assist in absorbing even more of specified vibrations. Especially if I am working on a personal tool, flower essences will be added to address each individual’s issues and allow the quartz glass to “remember” these encodings. Depending on the tools that I am working on at the moment these quartz glass discs can stay in the Purification & Infusion Vessel for minutes, hours or days, they can be exposed to the sun or the moon, or specific other color rays, all depending on what each of the tools job will be.

At the same time, the gemstones & crystals undergo a similar cleansing and clearing, but this is done through a grid.

A grid that consists of various items, such as specific words written on paper, photos of ascended masters, various color therapies and other such items that carry specific purification frequencies to cleanse each crystal and prepare it to “join the team” of other such crystals that together will form precise shapes and forms which will begin to vibrate on frequencies specific to the job at hand.

Once both are ready, the creative process can begin. Some of the discs require me to paint certain shapes with just the right colors to accentuate and bring through the vibration that each disc is to carry.

For example, in the “Goddess Vortex” the “seeds” of the sun flower represented by black dots in the middle of the disc are painted in a spiral formation. The dots are not randomly placed but follow a specific outline, and motion of the hand. Each “petal” is painted in specific way as well. Once the pain is applied, I leave the discs out for the paint to dry.

Depending on which tool I am working on, instead of paint I may be required to use copper to “paint” a picture. Such as in Archangel Metatron’s Disc. Strips of copper have to be perfectly aligned on each side of the disc to form a six pointed star, once united they must align perfectly to form a 13 pointed star. Moreover, each Metatron’s disc must also include a copper “hive” or “flower of life” formation. Each copper thread has to be fitted perfectly so on the glass before the final step of uniting the discs to form the tool can happen. This is an extremely detailed process where I have to make sure that both sides are perfectly aligned with each other while the “hive” is set in place. Each disc must be sealed with copper. It talk more about the reasons for using each of the components in my discs on my blog which you can read here.

Finally, the "canvas" is ready and now the most exciting and my most favorite part begins, "painting with crystals".  

This is a process that may take me hours to complete as I maneuver through different worlds, feeling myself as if I am literally pulling the gems and crystals from another dimension. Sometimes it feels as if a few minutes went by, but when I come back to this reality, I realize that a few hours have gone by! Once the stones are set, it is time to let the glue dry. When the glue finally sets I put this disc through rigorous testing where I literally try to remove the crystals by trying to pry them off of the disc. Assured that the glue has properly set and the crystals have adhered to the glass perfectly I proceed to the next step.

Now that the crystals are in place, it is time for encoding of the entire disc.

Here is where I call upon the deity that has asked for this disc to be brought into our world to come forth, I ask them to join me in as I sit and send energy into the disc and channel each of the deities energies into each disc. This can be an exhausting process but a rewarding one where I direct energy into the finished tools. Following this process I leave the discs out to continue charging. Sometimes I have to place them out into the moon, sometimes they just need to continue charging as they are downloading information that is being sent to them by the deity in question. This process can take a few minutes, hours or days, all depending on what each disc is going to be used for and whom it is going to.

Once the disc is charged it is finally ready for packing.

Here I look at each disc carefully, examining it, before placing them into each box and then the envelope. When the tools are sealed into the envelope I say a little prayer and ask the ascended masters and angels to bless each package for it’s safe journey to the recipient.

Working with each disc individually takes a lot of effort, a lot of my energy and time, but I absolutely love to create these tools, they are like  my babies that I send out into the world to assist others in their journeys. And just like a mother hen I always wonder how my "baby " is doing, is it living up to its full potential?  

And each time that I get a message from someone who is using these discs about how they are helping them, my heart fills with immense joy, joy and gratitude that I am able to be here at this time and create these timeless pieces that will continue to generate magnificent healing vibrations for many years to come. 

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