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Moonstone – a keeper of sacred knowledge.

I'm fascinated by the Rainbow Moon Stone and its properties. This stone embodies the Highest Priestess of Avalon, keeper of sacred knowledge, which she taught onto others, a caring sister and a loving mother. The rainbow moonstone infuses and balances the emotional body.

It takes away the pain of our suffering and wounds. With its mysterious beauty it speaks to our subconscious mind. It connects us with the eternal wisdom of the heart and our true identity. Moonstone links us to our feminine side, which is manifested not in action, but in sensation. It can help us return to the state of stillness and if we are lost connect us to a place that cherishes our soul, where we reconnect to the wisdom and the best of our abilities and resources.

A rock that helps you understand and embrace your destiny

We can't "do" the most important things in life. We seek the right action, but we cannot always be in control of everything that goes on around us. As I look back on my life, I see that the most important events and turning points have not been controlled by me. No matter how in control of any given situation I tried to be, the outcome of any situation has always exceeded any expectation that I could have possibly imagined.

The situations that I found myself in throughout my life simply could not have found a happy ending if I did not let go and trust the universe. The Rainbow Moonstone helps us do exactly that – LET GO and TRUST that everything is being worked out for the greater good of all involved. The Rainbow Moonstone teaches us that our life’s journey is not a burden, but a beautiful mystery to enjoy, discover and partake of.

The  Rainbow Moonstone will be a great companion to our male friends, husbands and lovers. This stone infuses one with a bit of femininity and helps to connect to one’s own feelings. The warrior's heart will be infused with softness and sensitivity. Give your man a large moon stone so he can wear it in his pocket or in the form of a suspension on his chest.

The Ancient Myths of Moonstone

There are many myths associated with the moonstone in different cultures. Hindus thought it was made from the moons rays and if one would hold this stone in their mouth during the full moon, that it was possible to see the future. In india it was considered a sacred stone that would grant fortune.  

Arabian women would saw the moonstone into their underwear because they thought it brought prosperity and abundance. The Romans attributed romance, femininity, and daydreaming to the moonstone. It was valued by lovers because it was believed to awaken passion and help one see the future.

The stone was considered to be feminine, giving the joy of motherhood. But was also honored by travelers as the Moonstone was considered a talisman. In general, the Moonstone is a crystal of emotion and sensuality, intuition and enlightenment that is alien to pragmatic thinking.

For centuries, people have been trying to figure out the mysteries of the Moonstone: What makes this stone give off life energy? How is it able to cure nine out of ten diseases? Hhow does it change color and brightness during the full moon or in anticipation of trouble for the wearer?

Ancient people linked these mysterious characteristics to the allegedly none-terrestrial origin of the Moonstone, considering this mineral to be the tears of the moon. Scientists of our day tested the chemical composition of moonstone, and found that it contains a chemical element called selenium. And yet they still can’t figure out the true mystery of this stone.

Moonstone has truly unique physical properties.

Apart from the fact that the color range of this stone is very wide, and the glow of the moonstone is inferior to that of the jewels of diamonds, the glow of this mineral begins to mysteriously grow during the full moon.

It is at this time that strange things begin happening with those who own a moonstone, old diseases in people disappear and people begin to feel better and become more energetic. In addition, the Moonstone begins to change its color, it either darkens or brightens if it’s owner’s health is being affected. This is how the moonstone saves and protects it’s owner, from all the ills.

Moonstone is like a chameleon easily adjusting to any outfit, color of the eyes and hair. On the one hand it is as if it adjusts to the image of its master, morphing into one whole with its owner and, on the other, it highlights all the external virtues of the wearer.

What secret conceals the moonstone that can actively influence the life of its master by changing it for the better? Why do people who bought the Moonstone become more successful, cheerful, happy, and rich? Could its link with the moon truly be the reason for all these magical properties?

Perhaps the Moonstone was sent to us from the moon herself to protect us, to become a silent but faithful companion of the human race. One things for sure, the mystery of the Moonstone seems to be the positive energy that this stone brings into our lives.

Archangel Gabriel is one of the archangels that is associated with the moon and Moonstone is known to be one of the crystals used to communicate with AA Gabriel.  I was guided to use the Rainbow Moonstone by Archangel Gabriel in the tool that she had me channel and bring to life called AA Gabriel – The Voice of God.  Archangel Gabriel Disc will help you to connect easier with energy of Archangel Gabriel. It will help to Increase the flow of love, prosperity, and wealth into your life. This amazing tool will help you to link to your own higher self, help to bring forth your subconscious connection to your divine plan, your earthly mission.

Love, Light, Abundance, Peace, Harmony and Bliss – these are the words to describe this magnificent angel. But Archangel Gabriel stands for so much more. Gabriel stands for a direct link to your own higher self, direct link to bring forth your subconscious connection to your divine plan, your earthly mission.

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