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The Ankh Cross (bow of life, Crux Ansata, cross with hinge, Egyptian cross) is such an important occult and sacred symbol for ancient Egypt that it is difficult to find any religious depiction of Egyptian gods where this mysterious sign would not be present. It was usually portrayed on the tombs and temple walls. But why? What was it about the ANKH cross that made it so important to the ancient mystics?

What does the Ankh cross look like

The Cross of  the Ankh is said to be a duplicate of an equally known occult symbol, the cross of Tau, but in contrast, a loop or circle is added to the top of the horizontal bar. It is one of the oldest sacred signs with a deep symbolic value. The house in the temple of the highest priests was called the Ankh and the priests themselves were also called Ankhs.

The ANKH KEY was the symbol of ancient civilizations

The Cross of the Ankh appeared in ancient Egypt, almost becoming it’s “esoteric logo”, but some researchers and theosophists claim that it actually came from even more ancient times, from the lost civilizations of Atlantis, Lemuria, and so on. So, the cross of the Ankh can be seen as a symbol to hundreds of thousands of generations of mysticism and as a secret code that transmits sacred knowledge to all who can penetrate its deep symbolism, those who have the key to understanding the sacred metaphors.

Symbolic meaning of the ANKH.

Literally, the term "ankh" in translation from Egyptian means "life" or "who lives."

In an unusual cross of the Ankh, two characteristics are combined: a cross which is a symbol of life, and a circle which is a symbol of eternity. As a result, we get a deep symbol representing the immortal, the man who was able to resurrect himself in eternity. This is the cross of the ankh.

The combination of a circle and a cross is also a sign of a spiritual and material combination, a symbol of initiation, a second birth, and a symbol of the vision of the etheric worlds.

Some researchers of esoteric symbolism have interpreted the backbone of the Ankh (Cross of Tau) as a symbol of the descent of the spirit into matter, and the circle as the "divine Eye” that shines the light on the world of men.

In addition, the cross of the Ankh symbolizes the union of the female and male gods, Osiris and Isis, and thus the alliance of the Earth and the sky.


Cross of Ankh in Egyptian mythology

The cross of the Ankh is associated with the solar gods of Atum and RA. A sun disc with sun rays, on the ends of which the hands holding the Ankh, was interpreted as a symbol that the life of plants, animals and humans is given by the sun.

The Ankh was also connected with Osiris, the god of the reproductive forces of nature and the king of the afterlife.

Sometimes the goddess of truth “Ma’at” was also portrayed with the cross of the ankh in her hand.  

The Cross of the Ankh in Egyptian magic

The ancient Egyptians portrayed the mysterious cross of the Ankh on their amulets to prolong life on earth. Egyptians buried their dead with such an amulet to make sure that the dead were waiting for a life in another world. Because they were convinced that the key that opened the gates to heaven looked exactly like the cross of the Ankh. For this reason, the cross of the Ankh was an essential item of the gods and pharaohs.

God, the guardian of the body, would place the Ankh key into the Pharaoh's mouth, which meant that the key must be inside the person because it is connected to breathing. The cross of the Ankh even in its form resembles a key, and on the level of symbolism it is. It means "an instrument", which allows you to penetrate beyond the normal human perception, so the Mystics considered it the key to the gates of paradise.

Also, ancient mystics believed that the cross of the Ankh elevated the human to the superhuman, to the divine. Those who were initiated into the world of the mystics, had to pass through various tests while holding the ankh on top of their head in order to dispel negative energies.


Cross of Ankh in other cultures

The Ankh cross was used by Coptics, who also associated it with the afterlife, and it was a symbol of eternal life in Christ. Some researchers even suggest that it was the cross of the Ankh that was the prototype of the golden key from Heaven or Paradise that St. Peter held.

In Babylon, the Ankh was a symbol of heaven and immortality.

The Cross of Ankh was also known as the mystical symbol of the Indians of Central America. They associated it with water.

To the Scandinavians the cross of the Ankh was a symbol of rejuvenation.

The Ankh and Occult tradition

In the esoteric traditions, Cross of the Ankh acted as a key to divine, secret knowledge, hidden wisdom, power and supremacy. It is formed from a combination of male and female symbols Osiris (OSIRIS) and ISIS (ISIS) as the Union of Heaven and Earth, life and death.

The Ankh Cross is a symbol of life

The traditional interpretation of the symbolism of the Cross of the Ankh is life and rebirth. It is interesting to note that the unusual symbol of "life" is a very specific subtext in this example. Thus, according to some interpretations, the upper part of the Cross of the Ankh (circle) symbolizes the Nile River delta, and the rest is the river itself, which for the dry region of Egypt is really that which feeds life. Thus, the cross of the Ankh literally embodies the "key of life".


Cross of the Ankh a Symbol of Renaissance and Dawn

Yet another interpretation of the cross of the Ankh is the symbol of dawn. The cross represents Genesis, life, the movement of time, and the circle above it is the sun, every day rising above the Earth and initiating the beginning of a new day. Confirmation of this is in the sacred test of Ancient Egypt — the Book of the Dead, where there are many images of the cross of the Ankh in the context of Renaissance and Dawn, both in the direct and metaphorical sense.

The Ankh key was put in the tomb by the Pharaohs so that the soul could take advantage of its magical power and continue to live in the afterlife.

It is interesting to note that it was linked by the early Christians of Egypt with the world of the dead and used it to mark the afterlife.

The Ankh as the universal symbol

Looking at the mysterious cross of the Ankh in terms of universal symbolism, we can highlight two main elements in the image of the sign, the circle and the cross.

The cross in many cultures symbolizes life as such, a combination of male and female principles (the vertical bar is male, active, Yang energy, and the horizontal line is female, passive, Yin energy). In other words, a cross is a symbol of human existence with very specific boundaries. The crossing points of the cross are the core, the essence of the human spirit, the point of origin, beginning, genesis.

As for the circle, it symbolizes eternity, something unknown, infinitely knowable.

If we combine these two features into one character, we see that it is a symbol of a combination of divine and human, eternal and limiting. At the same time, what is characteristic, above the cross (man) is the realm of eternity, the divinity — that is, the place where the spirit of human being goes — the area of infinite knowledge, perfection and love.

Thus, the mysterious Ankh Key is a deep metaphysical encryption, pointing to the true meaning of human life as a "point", contemplating its eternal nature, which recognizes the true essence of its existence.



Cross of the Ankh a symbol of Harmony.

Many esoterics argue that the Ankh key also symbolically denotes a harmonious combination of male and female nature, embodies the gods of Osiris (he) and Isis (she). Such that the cross itself is associated with the image of phallus, and the feminine beginning is associated with a circle-the symbol of the uterus. So the Ankh itself is nothing other than the sexual coitus of the two creative forces of creation, whose harmonious combination gives birth to life. Thus, the Ankh Key is a graphic symbol of an ever-changing life, through an infinitely dynamic balance between female and male energies, between passivity and activity, between Yin and Yang, the Earth and the sky.

In summary, it can be said that the Ankh is a symbol of fertility, the merging of the sexual energies of male and female nature. As a result, whatever we say, we still, in some way, constantly point to the symbolism of life and rebirth which the Ankh Key embodies.

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